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sehun-sarang ASKED: can I request a reaction to the members finding out that you (I mean specifically you, tinyexoticpixie) are dating Kyungsoo? see what I did there... because he's your bias XD

omg my feels x_x what are you doing with me.. I’m blushing and smiling like an idiot rn  ok so here’s the most impossible reaction I ever did~~

Baekhyun (“oooh one more person for teasing! wait, what are you mean ‘she knows techniques of self-defense’”)


Chanyeol (“is this even a girl?”)

Chen (confused)

D.O (well he must’ve been sick or crazy to do it)

Kai (“look they’re both all-black lol”)


Lay (once Yixing said that all girls are beautiful, he loves all human-beings, I hope)

Luhan (“Isn’t she too young?”)

Sehun (“you gotta be kidding me”)

Suho (“umm okay?”)

Tao (“she’s our fan so it’s okay”)

Xiumin (“I was expecting for more from you”)


Anonymous ASKED: helllooo~ the human who asked the previous ask here~ and you totally just killed me and i love you so much <3


aww I’m so glad you liked it. come here, lemme hug ya. I love you too anony ♥

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Anonymous ASKED: omg imagine, you as the girlfriend, and they wake up to you blow drying your hair in front of the mirror at the foot of the bed, only in your underwear. scenario/member reply/gif reaction pleaseeee! whichever suits your mood * hahahaha blushes and runaway and hide bye*

oh wow I dont even know.. what should I do? umm what about mixed version? I’ll try. and you come back here :D it’s made for you

He immediately wakes up and turns his face to the source of the loud sound. The pout turns into a smirk when he notices your outfit. What can be even better in the morning? The annoying reason of early wake up is already forgotten. He sits on the bed still half-asleep and crawls to you. A pair of warm arms wrap around your waist as he buries his face in your almost dry hair and kisses your neck. Then he lifts his head and looks at the mirror right into your eyes as he whispers into your ear..

Baekhyun (“why won’t you come back in bed with me?”)


Chanyeol (“you dare waking me up this early. you’ll pay for it”)


Chen (“why’d you go somewhere else when I’m here?”)


D.O (“wherever you’re going, I hope you understand that you’re gonna be late”)


Kai (“when you look like this, you wake me up much better. did you get the hint?”)


Kris (“there must’ve been a really worth reason of waking me up”)


Lay (“you know how much I like this shampoo.. but you’re better”)


Luhan (“you’re doing it on purpose, right? I’m not against it”)


Sehun (“who needs Miranda Kerr when there’s a real angel in my bed”)


Suho (“we should spend your remaining time properly”)


Tao (“how can you be so cute and hot at the same time?”)


Xiumin (“I want to be overosed. got it?”)


I know you were waiting for more but.. nope. i’m a lil shit ( ̄ー ̄)

EXO-M according to Google… (insp.)

EXO-K version

kyungsoo at the final broadcast of ‘it’s okay it’s love’

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Anonymous ASKED: have you done a reaction gifs of the members watching Kyungsoo acting? would be interesting to see because i really love your posts reaction gifs hahah thankyou and have a good dayy~~~ ^^

awww that’s so sweet /blushes/ thank you so much and have a good day/night too~~ ♥ here’s your gif reaction:

Baekhyun (“finally someone kicked his ass” *gets his deserved ‘headlock’ after*)


Chanyeol (“wait.. what? unreal?”)


D.O (“I can’t look at myself” teasing Baekhyun at the background)

Kai (“you said you never cry”)

Kris (we know, he’s very sensitive)

Lay (absolutely impressed)

Luhan (“better than me in those parody”)

Sehun (“he’s really crying”)

Suho (“I’m proud of you” *awkward laugh*)

Tao (cries with Kangwoo when watches the drama alone)

Xiumin (“you’re really good.. it must be hard, right?”)

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Anonymous ASKED: i see so many "it's okay it's love" gifs on tumblr, have not watched it yet cos i'm waiting for all to end and marathon it. my heart hurts when seeing kyungsoo's gifs, teared up seeing so many and i dunno if my heart can take it and still contemplating to watch it TT-TT

I never watched ongoing dramas b/c waiting for next episode was really hard for me. BUT THIS DRAMA!!! omg I knew there’re gonna be LOTS of spoilers(which I hate even more than waiting for new ep.) so I started watching it at the very begining. and at first it was cute and super funny drama(and I enjoyed my bias’ acting) BUT THEN HE WAS CRYING AND BLEEDING IN EVERY NEW EPISODE AND I PRAYED TO GOD TO STOP THIS. I still haven’t watched the last episode, it’s gonna happen this evening and I’m like “yeah let’s see how it’s gonna end up” but also “OH JESUS I DON’T WANT THIS PERFECT DRAMA TO EVER END тт_тт” 

So I should tell you: this drama really deserves to watch it. Yeah you’ll cry/sob/weep(well, korean dramas and movies make me cry ALWAYS but I’m pretty sentimental so it’s not even strange) but damn you should definitely watch it! 

Tell me about your impressions after watching it anony <3

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I’m a huge sobbing mess and it’s only 15th ep. of “it’s ok, that’s love”. what’s gonna happen in last one..

"Kangwoo let’s wash your feet"

"author-nim… should i… stop coming from now on?"

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this gives me so much pain


I hate the term “idol”. It implies an aspect of worship, and paints the picture that celebrities are flawless and incapable of wrong. And that’s a terrible thing to put through people’s minds.

1 Important thing to know when entering the Red Velvet Fandom


  • There is no such thing as 1 bias

sounds strange with only 4 members, but true


Anonymous ASKED: EXO

ahh I knew this had to happen..

I love them all from different sides buuut

Tao gets less my attention and appreciation. I don’t even know.. I just like more..natural(?) men(yea like kyungsoo haha). I know he’s just a very sensitive child(well yeah sometimes not such innocent), but… ok you can hate me now :) my apologise for Tao-stans 

But there’re so many people in this world who love him, I’m sure <3

thanks for asking! 

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i’m not even afraid of deletion. i just want this image on my blog